You want genuine tongkat ali, don't be gullible

Do you want to know what sets us apart from the rest in the tongkat ali market?

We don't just talk, like the rest. We trade genuine tongkat ali extract, produced in a government-approved facility, and we have a product which we are explicitly authorized to sell as medicinal herb.

So, we are actually allowed by the Indonesian government to claim that our extract has a therapeutic effect.

But we abstain from publishing therapeutic claims on our websites because our main markets are in the US and the EU. And we don't have pharmaceutical licenses for the US and the EU.

We have spent way north of 100,000 US dollars on our latest Nomor Depkes, an approval to sell our tongkat ali extract as medicinal herb with health benefits.

To get a comparative US FDA approval, we would have to spend several million US dollars. This is beyond our means.

The current legal situation on the US herbals market is, that just about anybody can fill cassava flour into capsules and write tongkat ali standardized 1:200 extract on the label.

And that just is what anybody does.

It sometimes feels as if there are more tongkat ali traders in the world than there are tongkat ali trees.

Most are scammers and spammers.

Consider tongkat ali from a certain source?

This is how to protect yourself:

First, check whether they have any elements that are hard to come by: anything issued by any kind of authority. Best is a government product approval number. But you want an actual document, not a logo. Anybody can copy-paste logos onto a website.

Second, look for photographic evidence. A tongkat ali factory should have tongkat ali roots. But careful. Don't fall for tongkat ali photos pulled from the web. Ideally, photos should show identification of the seller as part of the photo, not as text inserted into photos.

Below examples of tongkat ali illustrations that are not trustworthy. Most are Chinese. The photos are not authentic, and the GMP or FDA or other logos mean nothing. They are just copy-pasted. They are ZERO proof that these products are licensed or comply in any way. Only webspam.


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You want genuine tongkat ali, don't be gullible

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